Why do nonprofits matter? 何故?

Everyone usually has a very set idea or image in their minds when the topic or idea of nonprofits come up. It usually involves some sort of iea that goes along with charity and to be totally honest I thought the exact same thing too before I started doing some research. Now that I have a clearer idea about what a nonprofit is I could better understand and think about why they aare important in general and within our society.

During our class discussion we talked about the fact that a nonprofit can be started by one person who wants to change the world and in that statement I think there is the depth as to why nonprofits are important within our society. Most of the time humans are only really inclined to help one another when we are collectively in trouble or in need of help. There is rarely someone who wants to help or even goes the extra step to help during normal non-life threatening or troubling times. Nonprofits are almost like the everyday superheroes that restore our hope in humanity. The beauty of them is that there is such a wide variety of nonprofits you can easily find something that you are passionate about fixing or contributing towards and you can be part of the superhero movement.

Nonprofits in my opinon allow normal people to become superheroes for their own cause, a cause that they are passionate about, or a cause that they think needs to be brought to people’s attention. This is why they matter, why they are important. Rarely do we ever get to feel like we matter, or that we can really make  difference, or that the world has any decent people left; the fact that anyone can create a nonprofit or make a difference through one not only restores our hope in ourselves, but also within others and we suddenly don’t feel so alone in our efforts to strike sparks of change. We can finally feel like the superheroes we have always dreamed about being.

Now an 面白い (interesting, cool, fun) fact!

Japan has many monsters called Yokai! (世会)They are weird, creepy, and just awesome! This one is called Futakuchi Onna or “Two Mouthed Woman” This monster looks like a normal woman from the front, but once she begins to eat her other mouth is revealed underneath her hair on the back of her head! She uses her hair and hands to put food into both mouths! When the second mouth begins to eat it packs it away!! Although the picture below looks cute they were considered terrifying monsters, especially to men!

Picture from : http://japanlover.me/cool/kakkoii-information/futakuchi-onna-the-two-mouthed-woman/



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