Meet My Client よろしくお願いします(yoroshiku onegaishimasu)

Since the snow came through, I haven’t gotten the chance to meet with my client, but I have found some great information about their company and their mission!

Just in case you forgot I have the Colonial Heights Food Pantry. They are a wonderful company that is striving to end hunger for everyone; children, single families, elderly, homeless, and just anyone who has to struggle with hunger. Their exact mission statement is, “Colonial Heights Food Pantry, Inc. is committed to alleviating hunger and developing collaborative strategies to encourage self-reliance and preserve human dignity.” Their website gives some excellent facts about hunger in America that I wasn’t aware of, such as the fact that every 1 in 8 Americans suffer from hunger.

I think one of the things I like the most about this company is the fact that they treat those that they are helping as clients. They strive to present those in need with dignity and respect, rather than pity.

They recruit volunteers heavily through their website and outsource them for many events, places, and other local food distribution companies. They also allow local groups that want to volunteer for their cause and community service hours to be volunteers for them and use their services. Partnering with local groups and companies throughout the Chesterfield and Colonial Heights counties allow them to have such a wide reach to deliver food to those who are in need!

This company just has such a strong effect and presence within the local communities that it really warms me to see such a strong company working for such a truly amazing and, for most people, and unrecognized cause.

Now an 面白い(interesting, fun) fact!

Today’s yokai is Zashiki Warashi! They are mischievous spirits that haunt homes and are loved by everyone! For those that it haunts it brings wealth and good luck, but only if those it haunts care for it. There is a saying that the spirits should be taken care of like a child; it should be given attention and love. Although too much love and you’ll scare it away!! >_<

1x1.trans JapanLoverMeYōkai ~Zashiki Warashi~

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