Nonprofits Like Mine 双子 (futago)

Just as a reminder my nonprofit is the Colonial Heights Food Pantry which is an organization that strives to end hunger as well as poor nourishment that is associated with hunger for those who are underprivileged, poor, elderly, children, and essentially anyone with hunger. They strive to provide food and other resources to those who are in need of it a well as collectively collaborate with local volunteer groups to distrubte these food stores evenly.

The three nonprofits I found that were similar to the Colonial Heights Food Pantry are: Feeding the 5000, World Food Programme, and World Vegetable Center. Each of these nonprofits are unique in their own way yet have a shared quality to my assigned nonprofit.

Feeding the 5000 is an international nonprofit company that is based out of the UK. The whole mission behind the company is kind of funny at first glance. They make sure that weird shaped or misshapen produce (fruits, veggies, etc) aren’t discarded as trash due to their appearance, but rather given back to the community as food, for those who can’t afford it. This company encourages farmers to collect up there “ugly” produce so that it does not go to waste due to its appearance. Many restaurants and high paying customers of the farmers do not purchase the weird looking produce, but instead go for the visually appealing ones for display and cooking use. It makes perfect sense. When you think about it you probably do the same thing in the local grocery store whenever you shop. This company helps take that unwanted “ugly” food and give it to those who don’t care about appearance, but about their next meal.

The World Food Programme is run by the United Nations and is the largest food assistance program in the world. It delivers food to impoverished countries, rural poor, refugees, and natural disaster victims. Their goal is international anti-hunger and to allow everyone to have access to food. Their numbers are quite staggering at servicing over 90 million people annually.

The World Vegetable Center is another international nonprofit company that has dedicated itself to stop malnutrition and hunger specifically in the developing world through providing access to a wide variety of vegetables as well as providing sustainable agriculture. By specifically providing vegetables they are able to provide those who are malnourished the essential vitamins and minerals that are found only in veggies to those who have no access to them otherwise. With these new vitamins and minerals they can lead a healthier and better fed life.

All of these companies have the same core belief of ending hunger and poor nourishment amongst those around the world. Whether it be here in Richmond or internationally all of these companies along with the Colonial Heights Food Pantry strive to make the world a better place by filling the lives and stomachs of those affected by hunger with healthy, sustainable, and attainable food.

Time for an 面白い (interesting, fun) fact!

1x1.trans Kasa obake (傘おばけ)

Kara Kasa obake fall into a category of Yokai or monsters (tsukumogami) that once they have reached old age or are abused for long periods of time turn into mischievous monsters. These particular yokai are kasa or umbrella monsters. They usually have one eye, a big tongue, and hop are on one leg. They are relatively harmless to humans, but love sneaking up on them and scaring them by giving them a big oily lick! Doesn’t sound too scary, but be careful because they are not to be confused with other more dangerous umbrella tsukumogami!!



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