Audience: Who are we talking to? 誰?(who)

I am assuming that  for this post we are discussing what audience we are helping our nonprofit reach!

From what we have discussed in class it seems that for most non profits the main need is money. So, for the non profits they are specifically trying to reach out to donors who can help contribute that needed money. That is also the case for my nonprofit.

The Colonial Heights Food Pantry (CHFP) has no shortage of clients that use their plethora of services, which is fantastic! However, they need to be able to continue and or increase their supply to match the growing clientele. So the first audience for my nonprofit is donors. Those who can donate money to the CHFP to help by more food. A way that it was put is that the CHFP can use the donor’s money better than they can. While this may sound harsh at first, it makes quite a bit of sense once explained. The CHFP gets massively reduced prices on bulk food items of all shapes and sizes, especially produce. So ten dollars from the donor can easily buy 15 pounds of food. That’s a lot better than prices at the grocery store! With the donor’s contribution the CHFP can take that money and make it stretch so much farther.

The second audience would be the community itself. Most nonprofits try their hardest to reach out to the local community to make them care about their work and their cause. CHFP is no exception to this. They really need the support and backing of the local community. By having the community involved the nonprofit can run more smoothly and could have the possibility of having more donors, volunteers, workers, and clients. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task for most nonprofits to do. It is quite easy to get into the community and giving spirit around the holidays, but what about the rest of the year? This is the challenge for CHFP. Hopefully with my help I can give them the first steps to receiving full support from the community!

Time for an 面白い(fun, interesting) fact!

1x1.trans JapanLoverMeYōkai‬ ~Hakutaku~

The Hakutaku is indeed a very strange looking creature and may even look evil, but it in fact is a good omen and is known to bring good luck! It is a chimera-esque animal that takes the form of a white ox that has 9 eyes and 6 horns! It has three of the eyes on its face and three on each side, while there are two horns of its head and on each side! An all knowing creature that Hakutaku is truly an interesting Yokai!

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