Nonprofits in a Digital Environment

The digital age has ushered in new ways of outreach, communication, and marketing. A majority of the companies in the world have taken the advantages that come along with this new rush of technology. I believe that nonprofits have the ability to survive and thrive in this new environment!

Nonprofits have a hard enough time as it is getting our attention in the market, the digital age made that both easier and harder. It has made getting our attention easier due to the ease of accessibility to information. Nonprofits are now able to have websites that are a collection of their information, what cause they are fighting for, their history, why their cause is important, and a mass of other helpful information to sway us to support their cause. Social media has allowed nonprofits to show the world what they do every day and the faces of those who they help in real time, allowing them to extend their reach internationally. These social media platforms can allow the company to gain followers, supporters, and donors. It’s no secret that donors are a large part of the nonprofit company budget layout. The digital environment allows nonprofits to electronically accept donations from people anywhere in the country or world for that matter! Although this makes accept donations easier it is still tough to find a large amount of donors, especially if you are a small local or brand new nonprofit.

There are some definite difficulties in being a nonprofit in general, but especially so when you begin to enter the digital realm. Yes, nonprofits have the opportunity to greater display themselves to people everywhere, but so is everyone else; Big companies, national or international nonprofits, other local nonprofits, kick starters, personal go fund me pages, everyone in the world is out on the internet to tell people why their cause is the most important and should be funded. It can become cumbersome to shout our message in a room with thousands of other voices, some of them louder than yours and shouting about the same thing. I believe that large nonprofits, nationally or internationally recognized, can truly thrive in the digital world. Smaller or local nonprofits usually have a rough start at first, but they can work their way up there with savvy and a strong knowledge of the digital, if not they most likely wont make it. The digital world/ age is a blessing and a curse for everyone, it just matters on how you use it.


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  1. prowe says:

    Good insights. It is true, a curse and a blessing. Good work. Maybe add some imagery or inforgraphics as you move forward.


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