Writing Clients Briefs are like…

This was my first experience writing client briefs and it was a bit frustrating and thought provoking. I am very happy that we were given a template to work from, other wise I would have had a harder time trying to whittle my words down to the right message. If I had to say what I thought writing client briefs were like I would say either like solving a rubix cube or sculpting with marble. I know those are very different things, but bear with me, it will make sense in a moment!

The Rubix cube analogy: when we spoke to our nonprofits they told us what was wrong with their company and we have to go past the symptoms and get to the cause. They essentially have come to us all mixed up, like a mixed up rubix cube, and its our job to solve the puzzle! Our client brief in a sense is our algorithmic cheat sheet or work sheet to figure out how to solve their rubix cube. (rubix cubes use a series of algorithms to solve them) So each side needs to be correctly moved to be matched with the correct color, in our case we need to match the problem with the correct solution! Like your first time solving a rubix cube, it seems to take forever and becomes really frustrating, which was how writing this client brief was, but once you solve the puzzle it feels wonderful!

Sculpting analogy: The best sculptors say that the statue or image is already within the block of stone, its your job to chisel it out. So essentially the nonprofit comes to us as the un-chiseled marble and it is our job to chisel out the right “solution” or statue for the nonprofit. It similar to the rubix cube image, but the end point is the same, solving or uncovering the real source or problem and finding the correct solution!

The whole point is essentially that writing the client briefs is like solving a really complicated puzzle like a rubix cube, it took a couple tries before getting close to the solution.

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