What I know I need for a strong team

Ever since we were told that the volunteer applications went up for our teams I was both excited and worried. I was excited because it would be awesome to meet new creative people that have interesting ideas, that I am sure never even came close to popping in my head and that I would get the chance to work with them. I was also nervous because you can only tell so much about someone from an application. Since we are given the chance to choose our team members I started to think about the kinds of people that I would want to work with and hopefully wouldn’t get the feeling that I made the wrong decision about choosing someone.

I know that the major thing I need for a strong team is team work.



I know that I need a team that is willing to work together, collaborate, be vocal, and communicate their ideas. I know that I can’t afford to have people that hermit and don’t share what they have. I am hoping to also have those who can go off and create without having to be spoon fed every step of the way! I want them to take charge and go with the flow and run with an idea they have!(As long as it’s along the lines of what we’re going for)

I know that in order to have a strong team I really need people that can laugh, have fun, and enjoy themselves. ( And be able to get silly. That is an important step in any process in my opinion) I want people that can stay up all night and look at what we have produced and think that it is awesome! I want them to be proud of what have created! Pat each other on the back, give out high fives, and smile like they just created the best thing ever!

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