Sneak Peek

It’s time for a sneak peak into what my team and I are going to be working on for CreateAthon!

giphy (5).gif

Our first task is a new logo and identity package. Essentially we are giving the company’s brand a face lift and making it more appealing, modern, fresh, and fun. This is to give the company a fresh foot forward!

giphy (6).gif

The next thing that we are planning on working on during CreateAthon is a brand guidebook. This is to explain what the company does, who they are, who they serve, and all of the details of their services. This will go along with the same coloring and brand theme as the identity package. This will be mainly geared towards current and potential clients as well as donors.

Lastly we are adding in, as a secret to the nonprofits, a new website design to really drive the new fresh look home! This will give them an opportunity to have a new cohesive design from digital to print. This will tie everything together and be the awesome bow on the top of a great project!

giphy (8).gif


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