10 Things Things That Scare Me About CreateAthon

I feel like I could fill up a much longer list about things that scare my about CreateAthon, but for now I will just stick with ten.

  1. My biggest fear is that I will not be able to stay awake or that in the middle of the night I will have a full on mental break down and will just be in a corner.


2. I am afraid that my team will start having conflicts and that we wont get the work done in a collaborative way.

3. I am also afraid that the animals will distract me. I love animals and I will need some one to pull me away from them. I am a bit nervous if there are cats, because cats and i don’t really get a long and I am allergic to them.

giphy (1)

4. I am afraid that the mentors and higher ups wont like our work at our 12 AM deadline. I am afraid they will tell us to start over from square one because our stuff is awful. They will clap and tell us to go away.

giphy (2)

5. I am afraid that if I do get the chance to sleep I wont be able to, because I will be too concerned about my group and the project.

giphy (3)

6. I am afraid that we wont get to do everything the we have planned.

7. I am afraid that the nonprofit wont like what we produce.

8. I am afraid that I am going to run out of ideas during the event, or that our collaboration will come to a stand still. Or that our collaboration will get of track.

9. That I will get too distracted by the awesome stuff that is going to be there and I actually won’t get any work done.

giphy (4)

10. lastly, I am worried that I will be too much of a perfectionist and have my team dislike me for it.

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