10 Things that excite me about CreateAthon


I know that CreateAthon, although terrifying, will be a lot of fun! Here are my top ten things that excite me about CreateAthon.

1.Fluffy animals. I know we are there to do work and be productive, but I can’t help but be overly excited about the small tiny floofs that will be making an appearance and capturing my attention.


2. I am excited to see what my group comes up with. Everyone is so different in their skills and I am really excited to get their perspectives on our project.

3. The surprises! I know that there are going to be a lot of activities and things to keep us awake and mentally sharp and I am honestly just really excited and curious as to what those kinds of things are.

4. I am excited to see how people act/ are at 3 in morning. I think it will be entertaining and weird all at the same time.

5. FOOD! I am truly excited to have an excuse to literally eat all night long and not have to feel guilty about it.

giphy (5)

6. I am excited to see the expressions of our non profits when we present them our deliverables! Whether they laugh, cry (with joy), or smile I will be happy that they are happy.

7. I am excited to see the other groups projects and how they turn out. For a while I have sort of had ideas of what they will look like, but it will be great to see the final outcome!

8. I am excited to stay up all night ( while also a bit terrified) but it kind of goes back to being a little kid hyped up on sugar and excitement and staying up ALL NIGHT.

giphy (6).gif

9. Group bonding! It will be exciting to really get to know the members of my group and maybe make new friendships and connections. The best way to really get to know somebody is to stay up for 24 hours with them because you get to see the good, the bad, and the ugly all in literally one day!

10. I am excited for CreateAthon to be over. It is kind of like a big storm you see coming your way  and you’re trying your best to prepare for when it hits and when it does it is crazy and a bit scary sometimes, but then once it passes the sky is clear and beautiful!

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