CreateAthon Reflections


I feel like CreateAthon went by really slow, but also really fast. It was such a different experience and it taught me so much in such a short time.

Getting to lead a team was exciting, but also a bit nerve racking. I wanted to make sure that I gave them everything so that I didn’t have to spoon feed them what I was going for every  step of the way, so that they could work independently, but on track. I also wanted to have a good collaboration with everyone. Which happened! My group worked super well and collaborated perfectly and in the end our product was great because of it.

giphy (1)

Everything went oddly smooth. Not really any bumps or middle of the night freak-outs. The only stress was pulling everything together in the morning. I feel like I got a really great group of people that knew how to work together when we needed to and work independently when it needed to happen. The whole team was laughing and having a fun time, while still working and it was really great to see everything that we had planned to create get churned out!

The staying up all night part was hard and at around 2 AM through 5 AM I thought I was going to collapse or just stare off into the void. But that passed and everything was fine. Although, the day after was a bit hard to get through…


The presentations were a bit nerve racking, but overall our client liked it and that is all that mattered!


giphy (2)

I cannot even begin to say how much food I ate, I thoroughly messed up my internal eating clock, but it was so worth it. They kept us constantly fed and entertained, which was both a blessing and  curse..


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