Leadership Lessons


Compared to the other stories I have heard from the other Team leaders I think that I truly lucked out with my group and my experience. Going into it was super smooth and everyone really seemed to either already know each other, or get along really well. Even though it went smoothly this experience definitely still taught me some things about leadership as well as kind of gave a boost of my existing leadership skills.

First thing I already knew about my style of leadership was that I am a leader that likes to be involved in everything, but I also like to take a step back. That sounds a bit confusing, I realize, but let me explain. I like to have my group up on the same level, page, plan, whatever you want to call it, so that we are all together cohesively. I like to make sure that they stay on track and that’s where I like to be constantly involved. I like to have checks to make sure they aren’t going to far off the original idea. But, on the flip side, I like to sit back and see what they can do, I want to know that they can be given a concept or idea and run with it independently. I like them to come show me what they have worked on and blow my mind with something that I couldn’t have even thought of, but is still on track.


I learned knew problem solving skills and really I felt like I more so grew into my own leadership skills and increased my own confidence in them, than learning something new. I felt like if I had been placed with a more difficult group or had some problems during the event I would have most definitely learned something new about what it means to be a leader or leadership in general. One thing I did learn is how to let loose and have fun and that everyone needs a dance break at some point.

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