What I Have Learned Working With Clients


Working with clients has been an exciting adventure and again I feel like I have been really lucky with my client. My client has been very open and cooperative along the entire journey and process and has been professional and friendly. I haven’t had any problems, miscommunication, or conflicts with my client. However, I have learned another side of working with clients from watching and hearing about other people’s experiences.

Some things that I have learned from listening to some of the others’ experiences are as follows…

Clients can be very picky. It almost seems that no matter what you give them they will never be fully satisfied or convinced that it is better than what they already have.

They can over edit or specifically not follow the CreateAthon program. Some of the clients seemed to be on a never ending edit streak and constantly throw out ideas that either weren’t on the final brief (that they signed off on) or that they wanted to throw in at the last minute.

giphy (1)

They are unpredictable.

They can be frustrating and indecisive. Sometimes it seems that they don’t even know what they want or need and they expect you to be a magician and pull a rabbit out of a hat. For a first time experience that can be a bit frustrating.


They can be a bit pushy. It is 100% alright for a client to know what they want and what will work best for their company, but it gets to a point where they need to be able to led go of the control and let the process happen. I understand that if company is like your baby it can be a bit hard to hand it over to a stranger for a makeover, but sometimes you just need to acknowledge that your baby is not in the best shape or isn’t the best looking and hand it over to get a makeover/ face lift.

giphy (2)

I feel really lucky and happy that my client never did any of these things. However, I fully believe in learning from observation and watching my classmates handle these complications, hurdles, and less than desirable experiences has been a great learning experience. With the help of Peyton and Sue to guide us in handling some of the more difficult situations I think our lessons will be well remembered.


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