Volunteering is more than building houses


When it comes to volunteering there are 2 sides to it in my opinion. There is a physical side and an emotional side. It is a bit self explanatory, but the physical side is the actual act of volunteering and what you create, build, or change during the time that you volunteer. The emotional side is the after math of the physical act of volunteering or even within the process of itself. It is the smiles, tears, and new hope that is brought about by you performing the volunteering work.

Yes, volunteering builds things, creates new homes, playgrounds, and things like that, but fundamentally they bring change and new outlooks for people’s lives. It build’s new networks of support for people and communities. It’s about giving up a bit of yourself (your time, effort, strength, etc.) It is something that everyone should really do, especially if it is a big project like renovating a home or something to that degree. The amount of emotion from both sides is astounding and for me I love doing that kind of work and seeing the finished product and then the look on the faces of those who’s lives are changed because of it.

Volunteering isn’t boring or lame, I think it is important to find a cause that you find interesting or make one of your own that you want to spend you time on that helps people. There is a volunteering program for practically anything out there. You just have to find it.


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