Communications Agency Philanthropy Spotlight


Company #1 Light Box Collaborative

This company has an extensive list of who they work with and what those companies do. Their main page has lists of things that say, ” Who we like, What we like, Ideas we like, etc.) This is like a resume of what reflects who they are as a company and it is truly inspiring.  They offer communications solutions that are 100% wholesome and philanthropic in nature. They have handled some very sensitive cases dealing with subjects like child abuse and have handled with flying colors. Their testimonial page is full of moving stories of their professionalism and their kindness.

Company #2 PR & Company

This company specializes in strategic planning and philanthropy to a specific type of company known as a  “SOCAP (Social Capital Markets Conference) and Confluence Philanthropy, a network of foundations promoting impact investing within the philanthropic sector,” which is an amazing combination in the upcoming field of communications and entrepreneurs. They also work on other campaigns such as their Women + Power campaign which supports the women’s rights movement and producing equality for women. They also have campaigns geared towards technology and education that follow in this same idea path. Overall it is an interesting company with a unique set of skills of strategically planning philanthropy in companies to produce a better environment.

Company #3 Lipman Hearne

This is just a good old fashioned communications company that gears towards philanthropic work. Their mission statement on their homepage snappily sums up what they do, “We deliver branding, strategy, and communications that win minds. We serve primarily the nonprofit sector, specializing in enrollment and philanthropic solutions. We know the challenges you face. And our mission is to help you meet and exceed your goals.” Short, simple, to the point. Their whole brand is fresh with and edge of down to earth no games kind of work. They primarily focus on three main areas of education, civic good, and member organizations. Through those three channels they work their magic with three specialties of branding, strategy, and communications. No frills and simple, they are trying to redesign the companies with a philanthropic lens and it works quite successfully. Their client list is very impressive including companies like,  Juliard, AARP, and other colleges.


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