Philanthropy in Professional Communications


Philanthropy in professional communications I believe is very similar to philanthropy in other professional spheres. It is all driven by the same essential drive of helping the community and using a professional business to do so, and perhaps even more effectively.  Professional philanthropy is the leader of the packs. They are the businesses that set an example not only for other professional businesses, but also for non profits, volunteer programs, and  even those who have no hands in philanthropic work.

Professional philanthropic work can be anything from organizing charity events for companies that are not your own ( or your own) to writing grants. There is a wide spectrum of work that professional philanthropists provide and all of them come back to the common root of charity and building up the community in a professional way. They also work with companies and non profits to give them guidance in business practices to strengthen their effectiveness of either their business, business practices, or charitable company policies and or practices. They are those who think charitably in the professional sector and make it their jobs to help others think in that state of mind.

A company called Professionals in Philanthropy have a great list of just a few of the services that they offer for companies:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programs & Team Building
  • Philanthropic Advising
  • Philanthropic Strategy, Goals, Priority Setting and Annual Planning
  • Giving Vehicles to Meet Your Needs
  • Due Diligence on Potential Grantees
  • Outcomes Evaluation and Impact
  • Generational Philanthropy
  • Employee Engagement
  • Designing, Implementing and Strengthening Grantmaking Programs
  • Grantmaking Technology
  • Giving Circles
  • Funders Forums
  • Online Giving Days



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