If I Could Change the World I Would….


Honestly, I’m not really a fan of questions like this. Purely because I never have anything to say, or that there is too much to say, or I feel like a am competing to be Miss America. Even now when being asked this question, I really don’t have an answer, I feel like it is too big of a question to really answer without sounding like a cliché or having a never ending list of things that need to be changed.


I could say that I would change it so that the no one in the world had hunger or pain, that everyone could be kind to one another, that there would be no wars or strife. Things like that, everyone, well mostly everyone, you would meet would say things like that and I feel like most people just say it because it’s nice to think about, it’s socially acceptable, but not because it necessarily what they want. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want these things, I’m just not going to say that this is how I would change the world, because it is obvious that those would be great for everyone, and everyone mostly thinks that way.

I don’t know how I would change the world. If it was down to my decisions on how the world was, I’m sure that there would be someone out there that would hate it or disagree with how I would change it. It’s not my decision to make. The spark of change can start with one person, but I believe that true changing of the world comes from a collective effort and decision by those who live within it and want to make it better, not just for themselves, but those around them, even their enemies.


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