If I never work on Client Briefs I will be THRILLED


Client briefs were the bane of my CreateAthon experience. It was completely frustrating as well as infuriating. I think the part that really bothered me the most was that during our experience we were never directly told : This is how you write a client brief, this is what to do, this is what not to do. We were given a sheet of paper that had paragraph sections of what should go into which particular section. The constant back and forth of not getting it quite right for weeks made me want to bang my head into the wall. It was mainly frustrating because I felt like I was going in circles while also simultaneously being pulled in multiple directions. I think it was a great, but frustrating, experience, but one that you learn how to over many years to learn the exact finesse of word choice and  description.


The part that infuriates me the most is how obnoxiously specific it has to be, and how all that work is only going to be seen by a few people that already know all the information that is on it. I feel like there is a more straight forward, less confusing and unnecessarily complicated way of presenting that information to everyone. Writing my creative brief was an experience that I could do without. It was time consuming and I felt that it is really a more straightforward way of presenting that information.


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